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Thread: Timer for pond pump

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    Timer for pond pump

    Is the pump for the pond required to run continuously? We have a small pond with a waterfall but do not live in the home. We only run the pump when we are at the home, about once a week. I was wondering if there is a timer that I can purchase to run the pump when we are away to keep it clean. When I was looking online for a timer, I read that the pump is supposed to run all the time. Is this true? If not, where can I find a timer?


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    True, in a Pond you should run 24/7 especially if you have fish. It is important to filter and aerate the water for both the pond life as well as your ease of maintenance.

    Converting to a pondless water feature would be a great way to go if you are not around much. We use timers on the pondless water features most of the time.


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    you want a pump that is capable of moving a considerable amount of water in a pond within the relatively short time of an hour.

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    Pond Timer

    You can get a 24 hour timer at a hardware store. Make sure you buy one that is semi water resistant (outdoor timer). The pump just plugs into it. If it is hardwired, then you get can a timer for that as well, but these are more expensive.

    Yes, it is "better" to run the pump all the time, but if it does not pond does not have fish in it, this is not totally necessary. If you do it in intervals during the day, that will work as well such as an hour on / two hours off, or something like that. Or, just run it during the day and have it turn off at night. Plants are not going to die if the water is not oxygenated 24/7. If the pond gets dirty, then you will need to run the pump more and clean the filters more often. The problem is that when the pump is off, all the soot begins to backwash into the pond in certain setups.

    The disclaimer in my advice is that I live in Southern CA and the water temp never drops below 45 degrees. So, if you are in a colder climate, I would take the advice from someone else who is familiar with colder climates.
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    Pond pump should be prepared on the basis of proper planning . There must be a proper planning of material should also be listed.

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