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Thread: Winter storage of pump

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    Bob Stamper Guest

    Winter storage of pump

    I shut down my waterfall during the winter. Do I need to store the pump submerged indoors, or can I simply keep it indoors in a dry location?

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    I used to always take my pumps out, clean them and store them in a corner in the basement. Three years ago I was out of town during freeze-up. My pumps were frozen solid inside a block of ice for over four months. In the spring I turned on the power and the pumps were fine. Now, I clean them up in the Fall, then drop them back into the water to freeze solid. Don't leave a pump out of the water while it still has water in it - the pump will crack when it freezes. All the sane ponders will be horrified to find that I leave my pumps in the frozen water, but if I can do it in North Dakota; it can be done anywhere.

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    The seals on pumps should be kept wet during periods of storage this will help extend the life of the pump. We leave pumps in the deepest section of the pond over winter. Too many times people forget to check the level of water when the pump is stored indoors in a pail.
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