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Thread: water level maintenance

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    water level maintenance

    I need a device that will maintain the water level in my pond at a certain level. What is available out there that will allow water to flow into the pond when the level reaches a certain point?

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    There are all kind of auto-fill divices out there from the ones Aquascape sells for thier skimmers, to float valves sold for water treatment to very basic ones for livestock water troughs.

    They all may be develop a problem of sticking open though which can be a problem if you're on chlorinated water.

    A hose and a timer always works the best

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    I've used a hose and timer for years. I overflow my pond daily, about 1-2%, and have great water quality.

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    Be sure to use declor. You should not have that much evaporation that you need an automatic filler. I have over 6,000 gallons in my pond and don't have much at all. Since I do a water change weekly, it gets it fill up then.
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    I use the float auto fill. Like Gram said they can stick sometimes.
    I have a onoff valve that controls it. This allows me to set it to a tickle. Also while it works "most" of the time just fine I do turn it off when I'm not around.

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