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Thread: frog deterrent??

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    frog deterrent??

    Does anyone know how to keep frogs out of the pond, they lay a gazillion eggs and it makes the water all ickey. I have one of those small two tier plastic sets from Lowes is that matters. I put koi in when I first got it, but they mysteriously disapeared, might of been my fat cat or birds. Will cheap gold fish help? I will be gratefull for any suggestions.

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    Well, this is only the start of my second year of ponding, but if last year is any easy.

    Just continue your regular 15% weekly (or at least every other week) water exchanges, dechlor, bacteria addition, and general maintenance. Nature will take care of itself and a lot of that will be gone in no time... Tis the season!

    In short order, you have have lots of cute mini-tadpoles to admire. Most of which will not survive....good or bad, depending on how you look at it....

    By the way, I've got the same thing going on.... Just nature doing it's thing.

    Just keep a little added eye on regular maintenance, and you'll be fine!

    So far as keeping frogs out of your pond, I don't think so.... You built nature to come, and now they are....

    Just be glad at this point you have no predator owls, racoons, herons, etc....

    Me? Nothing make me happier than hearing a bunch of early spring frogs, singing me to sleep!
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