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Thread: Do Koi / Shubunkins eat tadpoles

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    Do Koi / Shubunkins eat tadpoles

    I have a small pond with 5 fish ranging from 7 to 18 inches long. FOr the past few years I've tried stocking the pond in the Spring time with a few tadpoles but I've never seen a frog around. This year I went crazy and netted over 50 tadpoles and introduced them into my pond. 24 hours later I could not find one. Do Koi eat tadpoles?

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    Yep and they love them. My blasted pigs (I mean koi) will even eat toad eggs and tadpoles, which most people say koi don't like.
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    I have WAY too many toad tadpoles in my pond. My koi and goldfish are only 6 inches and I don't think they have touched them. I have 1 small bass, and a bluegill too. Still have em.

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    I did the same thing you did, I went out and found some frog eggs watched them hatch in a bucket over a week then transfered the tadpoles into our pond, and then....Happy Birthday Fish! They went crazy gobbling up those little suckers. I'm sure my fish thought they had died and went to fishy heaven.

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